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Counselling offers opportunities to explore meaning, purpose and ways to live authentically. Dana's work is informed by her training in Jungian Coaching. She is registered with the Australian Community Counsellors Association (ACCA).


People often discover the work of Carl Jung when experiencing midlife changes that may include evolving roles, relationships and questions around identity.

Dana holds a Graduate Diploma of Mental Health and is a volunteer with the C.G. Jung Society of Melbourne.Dana's speech pathology knowledge and experience helps clients find and celebrate their authentic inner voice.Dana's coaching approach explores meaning-making through sharing personal, ancestral and mythological stories, exploring symbols in everyday life including nature, dreams and creativity.

Testimonials about Dana's work:

"Weaving together insights from depth psychology, nature therapy, poetry and professional experience, she provides a refreshing space for those who care for others to be gently nourished and restored to fulfill their own work in the world."

-  Dr Suzanne Cremen, Life Artistry Centre

Dana provides counselling sessions from Melbourne Integrated Therapies, 10 Mansfield Street, Thornbury, Vic 3071. The fee for a 50 minute session is $120.

To inquire about  a counselling session with Dana, please contact

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