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Our team of allied health professionals working with children with trauma backgrounds attended Dana’s Nurtured by Nature workshop for our team wellbeing day. We had all had such a difficult time doing work that is so emotionally demanding through telehealth during the Covid-19 pandemic, and doing the workshop with Dana honestly just felt like a big exhale for me from all the built up tension and stress I’d had. Dana was knowledgeable, empathetic and non-judgemental in her approach and created such a safe space for our team to debrief. I will definitely be referring to her workshop resources for my restorative practise in future. I often find self care workshops a bit trite but I would highly recommend this one!

- Erika Hazi, Act for Kids


"Dana Kabaila brings a beautiful and encouraging presence of imagination and soulful integrity to her practice and calling to support those in the caring professions with restorative practices.  Weaving together insights from depth psychology, nature therapy, poetry and professional experience, she provides a refreshing space for those who care for others to be gently nourished and restored to fulfill their own work in the world."

-  Dr Suzanne Cremen, Life Artistry Centre


“I cannot recommend Dana highly enough as a mentor/supervisor. She has sensitively and skilfully guided me through many a challenging situation and supported me to reflect deeply on a wide range of issues from supervision, to change management, to clinical practice. At the beginning of my sessions with Dana I often brought long lists of topics to discuss together. Over time, though, through her wise and kind support, I’ve learned to focus in on topics that really matter and always appreciate it when she suggests we delve further into a topic to properly explore it rather than having a superficial discussion. Dana’s approach is empowering and transformative as every session I’ve come away with new self-awareness, grounded confidence and helpful ideas that I can incorporate into my practice."

- Jo Gerangue, Senior Speech Pathologist (Adelaide)

Dana is caring, creative and intelligent, and completely at ease as the facilitator. One cannot underestimate the transformative power that Dana brings by her own presence, deep intuitive listening and responsiveness as someone who evidently walks her talk. Her joy and enthusiasm is upfliting. The workshop was fun and engaging, and I have come away with a deepened commitment to more consciously integrating restorative practices into my own life."

-Claire Bridge, Artist


“I had the wonderful privilege of working with Dana in Early Childhood Intervention Services. Very soon after working with Dana, I realised I was exceptionally lucky. Meaningfully supporting colleagues is something Dana does without even thinking. Her unique warmth, reassurance, intelligence and natural approaches in her work put her in the best place to coach and support allied health colleagues. My clinical knowledge increased profoundly whilst working alongside Dana and I would look forward to working with her at every opportunity. My thanks to Dana are forever in abundance! I wouldn't be the clinician I am today without her guidance."

- Caitlin Young, Paediatric Occupational Therapist

“Dana is an exceptional presenter and mentor. Her calm nature and wealth of knowledge make her presentations enjoyable and extremely informative. As she has many years of experience across a number of different settings, she is able to thoughtfully answer clinical questions and brings fresh ideas to the table. She uses evidence-based practice and is well researched. 

Dana is excellent at problem-solving and has taught me how to manage my time more effectively.  She also supported me to develop a healthier work/life balance, prioritise, and become more efficient with my time. She is a natural mentor and her support has made such a positive difference in many areas of my professional life”

- Jenny Parkes, Primary School Teacher & Wellbeing Coordinator


"I have been mentored by Dana for almost 8 years. I really value her strengths-based approach to learning and how she coaches me to find the answers within myself. Dana has a wealth of clinical experience that she is always willing to share, and she approaches clients and families from a genuine place of caring and wanting to support them, which comes across in her work as a mentor. I always leave a mentoring session feeling self-assured and inspired."

- Aleisha, Speech Pathologist

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"Dana is a warm and caring mentor and supervisor. Her approach is instantly comforting and fosters reflective practice. Her openness and expertise provides a safe space to discuss complex cases and vulnerabilities. I have always left our sessions feeling heard, supported, positive and inspired."

- Winora, Speech Pathologist (London)

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