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Nurtured by Nature

This workshop explores how to develop and prioritise restorative rituals and embed these practices in nature. The purpose of this workshop is to nurture those who nurture others in their work.

Nurtured by Nature: Restorative Practice for the Caring Professions invites participants to reflect on their experiences in work and life, tune in to nature with a sense of awe and develop restorative rituals for urban and rural environments. Nature appreciation is explored through works of philosophy, poetry and photography. Knowledge is drawn from cross-cultural studies and a wide range of disciplines including depth psychology, science and social justice. There are opportunities for paired discussions to personalise restorative rituals, practical discussions about removing barriers to prioritising restorative practice and a reflective outdoor activity.

This workshop is designed for groups of 10-20 participants and runs for three hours. The presentation and reflective activities are available in person or virtually.

Please contact to inquire or book a restorative practice workshop for your team.

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