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Individual Mentoring


Mentoring is beneficial at all stages of the career journey. Individual mentoring sessions with Dana provide a unique space to reflect deeply on your work experiences and career journey, while celebrating your strengths and achievements (big and small!)

Mentoring can be especially helpful at times of change and transition including graduating from a course of study, developing a specialist role, moving into leadership, navigating parental leave and retirement planning.

Testimonials about Dana's mentoring:

“I cannot recommend Dana highly enough as a mentor/supervisor. She has sensitively and skillfully guided me through many a challenging situation and supported me to reflect deeply on a wide range of issues...through her wise and kind support, I’ve learned to focus in on topics that really matter and always appreciate it when she suggests we delve further into a topic to properly explore it rather than having a superficial discussion. Dana’s approach is empowering and transformative."

- Jo Gerangue, Senior Speech Pathologist

To inquire about  a mentoring session with Dana, please contact

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