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  • Who qualifies as being in the caring professions?
    For the purpose of Dana's sessions, the caring professions cover anyone who nurtures people, animals or the environment through their care, advocacy or creativity. People who attend sessions come from a broad range of backgrounds including healthcare, human rights law and yoga and dance teaching.
  • What can I expect when I attend an in person workshop?
    A passionate workshop presenter who is eager to help you discover ideas and strategies that valuable to you and that can be implemented in your everyday life. Presentation materials includes inspiring quotes, poetry, book resources, photography and soundscapes. Workshops are held in beautiful, accessible and environmentally conscious community spaces.You will always be treated to a selection of hot drinks including a tea range, locally sourced hot chocolate and freeze dried instant coffee. Small group sizes of up to 30 participants are maintained with opportunities for reflection, exploration and connection.
  • What can I expect when I attend a mentoring session?
    Dana provides flexible and strength-based mentoring. Sessions often start with any "burning questions" that mentees deem as a top priority for discussion. The remainder of the session involves an in depth exploration on mentee's work role and practice. Themes often emerge across sessions as being important and developments in these areas are highlighted and celebrated. Some mentees prefer to prepare questions prior to the session and others like to reflect in the session to see which themes emerge. Topics include but are not limited to working with complex clients, having courageous conversations with colleagues and managers, work life balance and career advancement. Individual mentoring sessions are a space to develop confidence, work through challenges and build your professional identity. Paired supervision allows you to learn and share resources with a friend or colleague and observe a work situation from multiple viewpoints. Group supervision supports a team to develop a cohesive approach and positive workplace culture.
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